Welcome to Kizzabella Doodles

Kizzabella Doodles are experienced, ethical, home  breeders of wonderful Goldendoodle and Irish Doodle puppies, breeding both true Miniatures (around Spaniel size) and also Mediums (who mature to around 18-22 inches) in our family home.

Located on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border easily accessible via the A1. We live in a beautiful part of the country which is perfect for dogs, having access to a myriad of footpaths for walking and exploring and only a short drive from miles of dog friendly beaches.

Premium Hypoallergenic Dog Food

All of our dogs and puppies are reared and fed on Doodle's Dinner Gently Cooked Dog Food!

Our dogs are very much loved family members who are all very special to us. When we have a litter of puppies we pride ourselves in giving them the very best start in life so that we can be sure that they leave for their new lives with the best chance of fulfilling their potential as wonderful family pets. 


Now taking the United States by storm, Irish Doodles are very similar in temperament and looks to Goldendoodles but tend to have less shedding in the F1 generation. They can also have an amazing depth of colour, truly stunning.

*Health Page updated May 2019*

We do sometimes have difficulty with emails due to our rural location and this is unfortunately beyond our control. Equally our phone signal is also sporadic, again this is something that we cannot change despite trying different providers. I can only apologise for the difficulty, we are as frustrated as you are!

If you're waiting to hear from me please do persist as I will never knowingly ignore anybody. Thank you

Scam warning! (2021)

I have been made aware of a scam where someone is claiming to be from Kizzabella Doodles and selling puppies and fraudulently asking for payments. The only email address associated with Kizzabella is [email protected] so contact from any other email address is a scam! The email addresses that have been used have had kizzabella in the address so someone has gone to the trouble of making a fake email address to make themselves seem plausible. 

I never make unsolicited contact via email, phone or message so if someone contacts you claiming to be from Kizzabella please do let me know and report them to the police.

I do hope nobody else gets scammed by these people!