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Allergies and Shedding

Despite  claims that Goldendoodles are allergy friendly, it is a fact that many people with allergies are also affected by Goldendoodles (and this applies to all ‘doodles in general including Labradoodles and Cockapoos). Most dog allergies are caused by reactions to proteins in saliva which attach to  dander (skin cells) and not by hair itself….in any case if somebody is allergic to dog hair then they would be just as affected by the hair whilst it is still attached to the dog as they would be to shed hair!  It is also a myth that Goldendoodles don’t shed, in fact most shed to some degree, some a little, some a lot and most somewhere in between.  We are constantly answering requests from families who would like a 'Retriever who doesn't shed'. Unfortunately, this is not possible as the coat types which are likely to shed the least are the more fleecy coats which have more heavy Poodle influence, but even so this still isn't guaranteed. If you or a family member are allergic to dogs, or if you want a dog who doesn’t shed, then Goldendoodles may not be the breed for you.  There is no way of telling if you will be allergic to a dog or with any certainty that it won't shed until it's adult coat has come through, and by then it's too late..............


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